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When it comes to ‘living the dream’, many of us conjure up images of vacations in paradise against a postcard backdrop, waking up to daily walks along the beachfront and morning coffee at a quaint local coffee spot. The wanderlust bug has the world itching for affordable slices of these instagram-worthy corners of the world, and according to Forbes magazine, Lisbon is front and center in the search for some of the best cities to live the world over. 

We’ve compiled some of our top reasons why Portugal, and specifically Lisbon is topping the charts in the rankings for the best city to live in and travel to all year round. With its magical climate offering some of the longest summers in Europe, coupled with its gorgeously rich historical architecture and picturesque sea-side appeal, Lisbon offers just about every reason one would be looking for in a slice of paradise, and here are our top 10 reasons why: 

1. Lisbon is a Beautiful City of Lights

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean inlet where the Tagus River and the ocean meet, Lisbon sits nestled in its sunkissed glory basking its residents and visitors in continuous sunshine nearly year-round. The city’s intrigue draws on its rich history as a central port for trade access into the Iberian region of ancient Europe. This charm is still strewn throughout the city’s architecture as seen in its sidewalks paved with patterned black and white cobble stones, as well as the old tram network weaving its way up the windy hills of the inner city. At night the city comes alive and her lights add to the magical feeling of old meets new with cafes and bars lining the streets, filled with locals and visitors from around the world indulging in the delectable treats of the city’s cuisine. 

2. Lisbon’s Amazing Climate

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean climate is Europe’s jewel for the summer, endless days and warm nights bathe the city in long summers and warmer winters making this the perfect climate for year-round living. With the Atlantic Ocean on Lisbon’s doorstep the beach is never too far away, and lazy days spent on the beach are the best way to enjoy the glorious weather from May to September.

3. Late and Lively Nightlife

The shops in and around Lisbon stay open late, giving way to a nightlife scene that attracts young revelers frequenting the old and new bars around the city. The air is fresh with the scent of sea breeze and the city’s livelihood is exuberant with energy that runs through the famous alleyways and portside streets, lined with restaurants waiting to tantalize taste buds with everything from the best bifanas to bacalhau. Visit the Time-Out market to get a taste of Lisbon’s flavour profile and see why this is one city where boredom doesn’t exist. 

3. The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Long lunches and the occasional siesta have come to define the Mediterranean lifestyle and Lisbon is no exception enjoying the very best the Mediterranean climate and cuisine have to offer. Making the most of this laid-back lifestyle has become commonplace in Lisbon living. We think it’s fair to say there is no better way to enjoy your days and nights.

4. Portuguese Cuisine 

The prego roll has become a worldwide sensation, but what many don’t know is that Portuguese cuisine boasts some of the widest variety of flavours. From Caldo Verde and Bacalhau, Bifana and Peri Peri Chicken, to the sweet-tooth delights such as the firm favorite, the Pastel de Nata (custard tart) for which Lisbon is famous for and boasts some of the best in the Portugal!

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5. Cascais and The Sea-side Towns

Just under an hour north of Lisbon sits Cascais, a quiet sea-side town adorned with promenade cafes and quintessential eateries. Life is slow along the coastline in these parts of town and lifestyle is paramount. Time moves at a snail’s pace making it the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway outside of the hustle and bustle of Lisbon’s busy energy. Beautiful beaches are plentiful and finding a private spot to settle down for an afternoon in the sun is never more than a stone’s throw away from the train stations and bus stops.

6. Friendly Locals and Warm Culture

The Portuguese are known for their warm hospitality and inviting culture making sure that everyone is well fed and revelling in the time of their lives under the Mediterranean sun. Lisbon and its people make you feel at home from the minute you get off the plane, the friendly environment and welcoming weather ensure that nobody is left behind for a fun time.

7. Public Transportation and Accessibility

Lisbon’s public transport system is the pride of the city. From a bus system worthy of an award with on time arrivals and minimal delays, to the historical and world famous tram that winds its way through the narrow hillside streets of the picturesque inner city. The city’s metro system connects every corner of the city together making accessibility a key cornerstone of Lisbon living.

8. Affordable Living Costs

Although in recent years rental costs have somewhat risen along with the city’s popularity, the cost of living in this magnificent city have remained relatively low making it highly attractive to young entrepreneurs and digital nomads looking for the perfect place to settle down and live life to its fullest. 

9. Historical Landmarks and Castles

One of Lisbon’s highlights for visitors and residents alike are the panoramic views from some of the city’s most famous landmarks. The Santa Justa lift boasts 360 degree views over the old city, whilst across the cityscape sits the Castle of Saint Jorge overlooking the majesty of Lisbon’s cobblestoned streets. The gateway to the city however has to be one of the more magnanimous landmarks sporting the Praça do Comércio, reflecting the wealth and ambition of the Portuguese people in the late 18th century. The city offers endless touring through its vast history providing a vista into the age of Portugal’s past.

10. Co-working Spaces and Cafes

With the rise in digital nomads making their move to Lisbon in search of the perfect home for a remote working lifestyle, Lisbon continues to prove its worth. The city offers endless options for cafes and co-working spaces with strong wi-fi access and an atmosphere that makes working in them a breeze. Whether you’re meeting a co-worker or you’re just looking for a coffee and pastry whilst quickly firing off a few emails, the city streets are lined with countless homely cafes ready to host and entertain your remote working needs

Take the leap and join the current trend to see why Lisbon’s making waves as the new hotspot for affordable European living along some of the region’s most beautiful stretches of coastline with a climate that makes living a breeze all year round. 

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