São Bento - Lisbon’s Hidden Gem

São Bento – Lisbon’s Hidden Gem

São Bento - Lisbon’s Hidden Gem  Nestled in the heat of Lisbon lies a quaint neighborhood with a street showcasing the many eccentricities that make Lisbon, and Portugal for that matter, the incredible destination it is. This hidden gem is still one of Lisbon’s best kept secrets and today we’re opening up the treasury and inviting you into the charming world of the São Bento neighborhood...

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Lisbon

When it comes to ‘living the dream’, many of us conjure up images of vacations in paradise against a postcard backdrop, waking up to daily walks along the beachfront and morning coffee at a quaint local coffee spot. The wanderlust bug has the world itching for affordable slices of these instagram-worthy corners of the world, and according to Forbes magazine, Lisbon is front and center in the search...

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